What People Say

"I really appreciate Jane's mentoring style and her approach to thinking about life. She's insightful and reflective and humorous with it, and her ideas and ways of thinking help me see things from a different perspective. I would highly recommend working with Jane if you would like some fresh ideas and to work with a creative, fun and vibrant person to help you grow in whatever path you are focusing on."  Natalie - Chief of Staff/Business Manager, Microsoft

When I first met Jane I was captured by her friendliness and radiant smile.  Over the past few months, I've come to realise she is exactly as depicted in this photo. She's good at what she does, but what I particularly love about her is her way of creating a bit of magic with her view of the world, her unique mannerism, and that naughty streak that comes out when you least expect it.   Jane posesses a unique ability to infuse creativity in all she does, and she truly excels in the art of "random dialogues" - those spontateous conversations that often lead to the most interesting connections.  And that is where Jane seems to find great joy: in creating connections with others and facilitating meaningful conncetions between people. As her mind venutures in the realm of storytelling and exploring possibilities, she effortlessly creates a special kind of magic through her gestures, expressions and the positive energy she radiates.   Do join us at Business Buzz Surrey where you will be able to meet Jane and see for yourself just what a fun and gentle host she is!

"Jane is a thoroughly positive burst of energy! She helped me to prioritise and stop getting caught up in the details. I had become overwhelmed as a single working parent but Jane made me feel good about myself and put everything in perspective. Her fresh pair of eyes helped me organise in a straightforward way, with realistic expectations that made managing everything easier. Most importantly she made the whole experience fun. She has a ‘can do’ non judgemental attitude that will really lift your spirit."  Sally, mum of 3

"I am continually surprised by Jane's vigour, creative thinking and desire to get things done.  She has a clear message to help and improve the understanding of children and the difficulties associated with parenting and the lot of people trying to make successes of themselves. She achieves remarkable results and is extremely well liked by the community she attends and the one she creates. She is intelligent, open and welcoming and cares. Always willing to help, learn and share and she is a lot of fun too."

Arthur Partridge (AyPee) Personal/Business Trainer/Coach Master NLP Practitioner/Trainer Social Media Specialist/ RIP co-founder of Random Dialogues

"I have collaborated with Jane on number of projects and initiatives over the years, and always been impressed by her creativity in the planning stages, and her enthusiasm and energy for making things happen.  A great teacher, communicator and community host - and she's bringing up a family too - Jane always finds the fun in everything she does. A force of nature!" Keith Grover

"...always has an idea on how things can be done differently. I highly recommend Jane if you want to unlock your creativity.” Rachel Norrington Face2FaceHR 

"Jane had insights into reasons behind my project that I hadn't seen. Her ability to recognise the juice, the essence of the project, drew out extra enthusiasm and effectiveness. Hers is a genuine talent born from empathy and focused energy." Phil Shepherd

" ...an original creative catalyst helping small business owners to get energised and embrace their audience online" Fraser Hay 

"Thank you, God. Thank you universe. Thank you life that I came across Jane Tyson. Jane, I just want to say, thank you for being you.  I carry you everywhere. You are one of the reasons why I can speak so openly in public without any embarrassment. You supported me in the beginning of being Princess Gaia. And I'm very grateful for you being in this world. And if we never see each other again, you are in my heart." Julia Hayden #randomdialogues31 #storytellingforgaia #ownyourstory

"Insightful, creative, intuitive and charming are all words I'd use to describe Jane Tyson after a brilliant and enlightening half-hour 1-2-1 Zoom meeting that flew by in an hour and a quarter!" Clive Wilson, Marketing Performance Accelerator

“... full of creative energy, she is passionate about bringing the best out in her clients. A good listener and  helps you come up with great angles and concepts in a very natural way. I felt like her creativity was contagious and I came away from the session buzzing with new ideas. I would highly recommend her services.” James Banfield, The Liberated Mind

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Jane as a creative catalyst and stimulator of ideas but she's also great to work with if you want to build an online community around your business or product." Gooisoft

"...one of the most genuine and authentic network professionals that I know.  She is really creative and runs some really interesting groups you may consider joining.  She is a true connector." Simon Childs

"Jane has always had an incredible energy and drive combined with a true entrepreneurial spirit. She embraces new ideas and has always been focused on self improvement for herself and others. What I also really like about Jane is she doesn't force her ideas on you - if you are interested and you want her to help she will but she never preaches her views. On top of that Jane is a great mother - I have no idea how she does it." Alan Enterprise Account Manager

 "...a very inspiring teacher with so many social media skills to share. I can highly recommend her Canva workshops and following all her great work across many social platforms” Steph Sullivan Business Builder